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Download Troubles

If you're having problems downloading from free servers like Geocities, Tripod, Xoom, Angelfire, Fortunecity, Freeservers etc. and you want to improve your download performance than here's some advice:

  1. DO NOT MULTITASK [=downloading several other zips/exes or go on surfing with your browser while downloading the file], because usually, especially when those servers are very busy, that will lead to a broken download.

  2. To AVOID THE PROBLEM OF "BROKEN DOWNLOADS" use a program called FILEHOUND [it's shareware, but has a freeware performance] for resuming downloads if the connection with the server was reset. In other words, if the file was 1 MB and you've downloaded 500 KB of that file, you won't have to download the full 1 MB again, but only the remainder !! Filehound resumes downloading at the very point the connection broke off, even if you resume a few days later ! So with filehound you only have to download the 500 KB that remains to be downloaded !!!
You can find filehound at:


For question etc. mail to: